Why I marched

National Equality March 2009On October 11, 2009, I marched the streets of Washington D.C. as part of the National Equality March. I didn’t march just for the visibility that over a hundred thousand people would bring to the streets of our Capitol. I also didn’t march for the speakers that would greet us at the Capitol Building. Nor did I march because it was a beautiful day in Washington D.C. (though it was perfect weather). I marched because I believe in full equality.

I marched so that everyone living in this country has the same access to the legal protections that are afforded to others in this country. I marched because I believe that equal rights should be applied to everyone, not just one subset of society. I marched with my friends who are trying to adopt, but have many hurdles in front of them to make a family. I marched with my partner of ten years who doesn’t have the same right to make our family whole, like others in this country. I marched with my straight best friend, who constantly reminds me that our sexuality does not define us, but is just a part of who we are. I marched because, while I don’t support war, I do support a person’s right to choose to fight for their country, regardless of their sexual orientation.

I also marched as a way of showing my pride in the progress that has been made. I marched by the White House, and shouted out for full equality, and knew that someone was listening. I marched with thousands of others who knew that today we were closer than we have ever been to real change happening at a federal level. And I marched to organize.

Today I am energized to bring about change that will provide full equality to every person in this country. We can no longer allow the continuation of the George Orwell version of equality in this country. We can no longer deny a person their right to love the person they do; or their right to raise a family; or their right to their belief system; or their right not to practice a religion; or their right to fight for our country.

This is why I marched. This is why I will continue to march.

Note: In Texas, we are working to keep each other informed of activities, and share ideas with each other through the Equality Across Texas network (www.equalityacrosstexas.com). Details of Congressional District Action Teams can be found at the website, or through our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=174521789383