twitter notes

Since taking ownership of a netbook and have a little more portability in my life now, I try to catch up with blog postings and email just before I doze off each night. I know that many people (scientists included) suggest that it is not good to watch television or look at a computer screen before bed, as it affects your sleep patterns, but I just find the convenience of having a little over 3 pounds on my lap before bed with a small screen too tempting. Any hoo, I have been reading some blog posts recently with a common theme: twitter.

Each site offers a different perspective or viewpoint on the benefits and pitfalls of twitter, but one that I’ve just started reading (“TwiTip“) had a post that talked about how to get unfollowed on twitter. As I was reading this, I realized that at least three of these actions would cause me to unfollow someone on twitter. Then I had that realization that perhaps I would be a victim of being unfollowed. It sent a shudder through my body.

On the other side of the coin, Zen Habits recently posted on how to use twitter to help manage your day and get things done. Many of the ideas suggested by Leo provide ways to use twitter to add appointments to your calendar or task list, or help set reminders for actions you need to do during the day. One of them reminded me of the now defunct tool Sandy, which aimed to provide you personal reminders based on what you needed to get done. Of course, if I implemented all that was suggested, I would increase my chances of being unfollowed. Perhaps it’s all about balance.