Happy New Year (2009)

Well it has been almost a full day on 2009, and I’ve just got back from a lovely NY Day Dinner with our friends, and I figured I should start the year off with a New Year post. So, Happy New Year to everyone!

2008 seemed to fly by, and I know that there is no more or no less time available each day, but each year it seems to move by so much faster. I’ve wondered if this is an effect of getting older, but I’ve asked around and friends of all ages have agreed that 2008 was quick. It was a good year though.

During the year, I had the privilege of spending time with the people that I love and care deeply for, and while building on these friendships, I’ve been able to establish new relationships with people throughout the year, including a very special one with our Little Brother, Trey.

The year had a number of highlights including our wonderful trip to Hawaii with Chris’s parents, my 40th birthday (yes, Virginia, I am that old), my very first new car and our travels with our friends.

The year also had a few not so great moments, including the stress related to my visa transition, a brief health concern (which continues to improve everyday), and the relocation of one of my best friends to Washington (we still miss you Layton!).

2009 promises to be a brand new year that is full of change. From a political perspective, the US of A is about to transition to a new president that promises a new direction. From a personal perspective, plans are being made to travel home to Australia to visit my mom and family, and I plan to continue my journey in developing a healthier and happier body.

I’ve made a few goals for the new year, and hope to be able to report back on many of these. They say the best way to achieve goals is to write them down, and make yourself accountable for these through regular milestones. So for 2009, here are some of my goals:

  • Reach my goal weight by March 2009.
  • Establish a more “zen-like” lifestyle (keeping things simple)
  • Compete in at least four 5K runs
  • Spend more quality time with friends and family (not really a measurable, but wanted to include this as a reminder of what is important)

There are others, and I shall work to blog more about the progress of these as the year progresses. However, for now, and before the first day of the year ends, I wanted to wish everyone a healthy, happy and safe 2009.


  1. Hey James

    Wishing you and Chris a wonderful 2009 from me here in Melbourne. Thinking of you both here on a lovely Saturday summer morning with blue skies and warm weather. Thanks for the Christmas card … well photo card. Oh and enjoy being 40 while it lasts … I did 🙂

    Tony xx

  2. What a lovely post! Couldn’t have said it any better myself. You’ve nicely captured the ups and downs of the year and the “hope” that is in the air as 2009 begins.

    We are quite privileged to have some amazing friends, some are local and some are flung all over the world but we are happy to have them in our lives. Hopefully we can travel to see them more now 🙂