Chilly Days

The last couple of days have been quite chilly here in Frisco. This morning when we woke up, the temperature was about 21F (-6C), which was probably a little chillier than was forecast. It is now about 1:30 PM and there is still ice on the ground, but it is slowly melting away as the sun hits it. Yesterday was cold and grey, today is colder and sunny. Our schools around the area have the day off, which provides a great opportunity to catch up with kiddies home from school (for my job).

The dogs are not overly fond of the cold, and there is a lot of encouragement normally needed to get them to go outside to do their business. The look on their faces is kind of funny as they try to figure out why we are doing this to them (I seriously think they believe we control the weather).

Still it is nice to have so much quiet going on, as the roads are less busy, and right now all I can hear is the sound of CNN in the background … oh and one of my dogs snoring. It’s the simple things 🙂