Visa Update

I’ve been bad in not keeping this blog up to date. I tend to twitter more than anything else now, but have avoided making my tweets a part of the blog (sometimes there are too many).

Anyway, as I mentioned in my last blog post about my visa, there was some good news, and finally on September 26 (two months later), I received notice that I was approved, and could start working with BBBS again. Yay!

The visa is good for two years, and also removes the concerns I had over travelling back to Australia on my student visa. I’ve received all the paperwork from my attorney, and should be right to get my new visa in my passport when I head back down under next year.

During the time that I was in limbo, I returned to UNT to continue some studies. Unfortunately when I found out that I had to get into UNT quickly, it was the Friday before classes started, so there was not a lot of classes to choose from. I did get a couple that I ended up really enjoying, and I think when I return to continue my graduate studies I will take these classes again. Of course, when news arrived about my visa, I dropped all my classes like a hot potato.

I’ve been back working now for just over a month, and things have settled down, and life is returning to normal (actually probably more than normal).