Change is coming

Thanks to a recent couple of twitter posts, I found that President-Elect Obama has launched a new website to share information in relation to the transition that will take place in January. The site can be found at

One of the options you have at this site is to share you thoughts, ideas or feedback with the Obama Transition Team on any number of issues.

I submitted the following comment to the site:

As part of any immigration reform, and as a national of another country in a same-sex relationship with an American for nearly ten years, can the inclusion of the “Uniting American Families Act” (previously known as the Permanent Partners Immigration Act) be incorporated to extend the option for partnerships of same-sex bi-national couples to be recognized for immigration purposes.

While this is a personal and selfish request, it is one that would benefit a large number of relationships that exist in this country, and would reduce the number of aliens in the country who have chosen to stay in the United States of America illegally rather than tear their family apart.

There are numerous other options for sharing your thoughts and ideas, and I encourage anyone reading this blog to take some time to become more involved with what is happening in this country.

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