Carols for the Christmastime

Happy Holidays to all my friends and other blog journal buddies.

Well it is almost another year that has passed us by, and the holiday season is upon us. It is Christmas evening and we are watching Scary Movie 4, after having consumed Christmas dinner and some dessert. A fun evening, no? Chris and I have been in East Texas for a few days, and head back to home tomorrow with the boys. I think both Bosley and Colby are ready to head home for some serious relaxation.

Christmas was good, and I think we all did rather well with the gifts this year, but the best part of the trip has been the time just relaxing around with the family, Chris and the boys. I’ve also been spending time doing some craft things, mainly my loom knitting. So far I’ve created a scarf (for Chris), two hats, and one potholder/placemat. It has been a learning experience for me, and I’m still getting acquainted with what yarn works with each loom, so more to learn in the coming months. When we get back home, I’ll snap some pics of these and place them somewhere on the web.

I’ve also been giving some thoughts to my blog over the last few days, and hope to be a better blogger in the new year, although I think it may take on a different angle given my new job and new hobbies. I started my blog initially as a journal, and after a few years, I started doing some self-censorship on my blog posts, as more and more people started to read it. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m working on my milestone planner, an idea that I got from On Money Making blog (courtesy of Lifehacker),

6. Plan the new year – Forget resolutions. Instead, create a handful of major milestones that you can break into action items and then measure as you progress through the year.

… so I’ll be posting those one day soon.