I like to watch …

This weekend, it seemed I was meant to watch things. As Peter Sellers said, “I like to watch.”

After a failed attempt at going to a movie on Friday evening, I got to watch a Netflix acquired movie, Third Man Out (a gay detective story). It was okay, a little disappointing, and not really appreciated by the others being subjected to it (namely Paul, Layton and Chris).

After recovering from that, Saturday evening Chris encouraged me to come outside and watch a speck of light travel the sky. It was the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle Discovery.

We then headed out to watch the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale. Wow! Chris and I were floored with the spectacular scenery throughout the movie, not to mention the phenomenal story line. I also can’t object to the gratuitous (and incredibly sexy) scenes with Daniel Craig’s body.

After getting home and enjoying a dirty martini (I was somehow “in the mood”), I watched Wedding Wars, the A&E original movie shown last week sometime. It was just what the brain needed at 1:30 in the morning with a dirty martini in me. Actually, apart from a few cheesy moments, I actually liked the storyline and the movie. Definately worth a watch, especially given the name power within the movie.

Finally, we watch a much slower and brighter (it seemed) ISS/Shuttle move across the evening sky this evening. We were down at Willow Bend mall and had just got out to head to Maggiano’s Little Italy (where we were meeting my boss for dinner). As we stood in the car park looking up, this woman came out and inquired what we were watching, and when we pointed the ISS/Shuttle out to her, she was very pleased with her new discovery.