Today is THE Day – Go Vote!

As many others are posting on their blogs get out and vote today!

If you live in Frisco, you can find your polling place information here.

One Comment

  1. As the sticker on my chest says, “I made freedom count”. So damn cheesy. Why couldn’t they just stick to the old slogan “I voted today”. Succinct and to the point.

    It was interesting to be asked if I wanted to vote by paper or electronic ballot. Of course, even if you voted with a paper ballot it was still scanned and counted by a machine. The scary part was that somebody asked if they had to put an X in the boxes or completely fill them in (the ballot clearly stated you had to fill in the boxes). The polling agent stated that it must be completely filled in. I heard the 2 people on either side of me grunt or sigh and then heard their pens furiously scribbling to fill in the boxes. I wonder how many people simply put an “X” in the box. They should get the “I’m too stupid to vote” stickers. I’ll work on getting those to the polls for 2008 🙂