Sunday Evening Catch Up

I sitting here watching “The Girls Next Door.” It’s like a road accident, and my finger occasionally twitches over the remote, and then something happens – like the bunny hunt for the new Playboy club that is the opening in Las Vegas. I guess this is one of the dangers of just sitting in front of the television. It’s not something that I do that often, but when I do, it seems that hours can fly by. I wonder where my bon bons are?

Weekend Recap

On Friday evening, Chris and I caught up with Bobby, Ian, and Layton for dinner at Ritzy’s Fresh American Diner – a new(ish) eatery in Frisco. The music was awesome (80’s style), and I ordered this great salad where you choose the ingredients and they mix it for you. It was good!

After, we went to see “Man of the Year” starring Robin Williams, and Lewis Black (from The Daily Show fame). It was really good, and very funny. It had a few not funny parts in the movie, but these were short in number (a good thing for a wimp like me).

Saturday was a kind of blur. I spent a lot of time trying to catch up on blogs, and found some fantastic new ones. Blog hopping can be such fun! One of the new sites on the frequent visit rotation is “Outside the Box” – a blog by “another boy from Oz,” also called Craig. He and his boyfriend have just recently relocated to Seattle, Washington. Not sure why, but the Aussie count has increased by two!

We did do dinner with Jeff and his new beau, Frankie at Blue Mesa. As usual the food was great (do I talk about food too much?), and the waiter was easy on the eye (always a good thing).

Today (Sunday) we took the boys to Arbor Hills for some ‘out of the house’ time, with Jonas and Dawson. The pooches were exhausted when we got home, so the purpose of the trip was a huge success. Chris made his Chicken stuffed with goat cheese and walnuts (more food!) which tantalized the taste buds.

And that is how I got to watch Girls Next Door, and am more fulfilled than I have been in a long time.

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