Remote Blog Post

Lifehacker referenced a tool the other day that was ‘going to make blog posting easier,’ so I had to give it a try. I did. I can see how this might be useful for phone postings, but with the recent CrackBerry (and the like) addictions that have been rampant in my friendly circle, I think directly logging into the blog and posting will be the easier way to go.

Note: this post started off as a remote blog post through email, and then I edited it with the link and the last sentence. Be warned, it will post your signature (if you have one assigned).


  1. I saw the same post on Lifehacker. Interesting idea but I’d prefer to not go thru a 3rd party to post to my own blog. I’m testing a couple of apps for the palm, but I’d prefer a wap extension for the wordpress admin. Unfortunately, I don’t think one exists. Guess I have to search for another solution.

    Btw, I’m reading your blog and replying via the Treo 🙂

  2. I don’t use anything so flash as to be phone incorporated, but I was referred by a friend to Windows Live Writer, it’s currently a Beta version, but I’ve been running it without issue since I arrived in the U.S.A. back in August.
    Makes life easier, you can post into the future, and edit, and post to your hearts content without a connection, and upload next time you’ve connectivity.

    Works for me, and enough that I’m happy to recommend it.