Post Thanksgiving Post

We are currently driving back to Frisco after visiting Gilmer for Thansgiving. The boys are exhausted – a common result after a visit to see Grandma & Grandpa, and Uncle Jake. We are both a little tired as well, but more relaxed than when we heading there on Wednesday.

Our entire visit involved eating, resting (including naps), walking and relaxing. When we arrived Wednesday night, we were treated to ham, sweet potato casserole, and a multitude of other delicacies. The casserole was unbelievably good!

Turkey day was busy for Chris’s mom as she worked on the Thanksgiving creations that was to become main meal for the day. The rest of us try to help, but I always feel that my contribution is best provided after the meal in the cleaning up. Of course the pooches LOVE to visit at these times of the year due to the yummy leftovers they enjoy.

Did I mention desserts? No? Well Chris’s mom is singly responsible for destroying whatever little health we have, by making the most incredible desserts (they are addictive, so one can’t avoid eaten them).

I am thankful that on this trip home we do not have leftovers. Leftovers from Gilmer MUST be consumed – it would be a sin otherwise.

It’s always nice to visit, but equally nice to head home.

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