My Minds A Blank

Don’t you hate it when you log into your blog site and find draft posts still waiting to be published? The following was started a couple of weeks ago, and I was going to just discard it, but I kind of liked what I wrote, and it will remind me of what I did on this weekend. The weekend this post references is October 6-8, 2006.

Over the weekend, I achieved a great deal … of not a lot!

I normally have Friday’s off from class and work, and will try and fill my day with things that I’ve been putting off all week (including the occasional nap to catch up on sleep). This past Friday, I had an interview with the Volunteer Coordinator at Frisco Family Services Center to schedule some service learning hours required with one of my courses, which went very well. The VolCo wanted me to start that day, however given it was Friday, I had other things to do, so that didn’t happen (I start next Friday). Following that, I had a great meeting with a professor at Collin College who wants to do something for World AIDS Day at the Preston Ridge Campus – so that is now on the planning program. Needless to say, after this meeting, I had a little nap. Friday evening, I ventured to our regular Frisco Pride coffee night at Starbucks, and while the numbers were not as high as normal, it was a relaxing and enjoyable evening with two new members in attendance.

Saturday morning seemed to speed on by, and soon we were packing the pooches up to Arbor Hills to meet up with Bobby and Ian and their boys. We must have walked the entire perimeter of the park, with the occasional stop at a creek (with really clear water). All up we had been moving for about 90 minutes or so – so the boys were good and tired when we got them back home. In fact, so were we, so I had a small lay down while Chris baked. Saturday night we joined Bobby and Ian for dinner with Layton and Jeremy, followed up with a games evening. Lots of wine, ale and cider was consumed, and with each passing drink, the games got a little crazier (to manage).

As for the rest, as Brother Boy would say, “my minds a blank.”