Seven Up (Not the Drink)

Years ago, I recall seeing this show called “Seven Up”, which was part of a series that was to continue being made every seven years. Today I was reminded of this series by an advert that I heard on NPR/KERA, promoting the latest in the series: 49 Up.

According to WikiPedia, this is

a popular documentary film series that follows the lives of fourteen British people from the age of seven through adulthood. The fourteen people chosen are of different races, genders, and socio-economic backgrounds. Every seven years, the director, Michael Apted, films new material from as many of the 14 as agree to participate.

I’ve seen most of the series over the years, though haven’t seen the the one prior to this latest release (42 Up has been added to our Netflix queue). I really liked the concept of this series, and thought it was rather adventurous when I first heard about it, but I’m glad that Apted has managed to make it this far.

I’m looking forward to seeing what these people have been up to over the last fourteen years of their life. Worth checking out.

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