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queer., the only undergraduate journal for critical discussion around what it means to be queer., is accepting submissions for a fall 2006 release.

queer. is an international publication with editors at nearly 20 undergraduate institutions across the US and Canada. It is distributed to over 100 schools and its entire content is posted online at www.queer-journal.com.

The theme for our fall 2006 issue is the INTERNET.

We are particularly looking for pieces that reflect on the intersection between our sexualities and the internet. For example, how do we express our sexuality online, what do online relationships mean for our sexual identities, how has an online cruising culture shaped our sexual behavior, etc.? Anything related to sexuality and the internet is fair game.

We primarily accept pieces in the following formats, but others are welcomed as well:

* (re)actions – concise and powerful statements about 800 words reacting to the current issue’s theme by, for example, complicating related questions, deconstructing them, or clarifying them

* reflections – expressions in the form of poetry, fiction, and visual arts and resonating with the current issue’s theme

* essays – academic pieces previously submitted for course credit reflecting the issue’s theme

queer. is also continually accepting submissions, in the formats above, for future issues with the following themes and the questions they pose – HEALTH and CLASS/RACE

Submit your work for the INTERNET issue by October 15, 2006 by e-mailing it to mail@queer-journal.com. Only submissions from undergraduates will be accepted. All submissions must be in English or accompanied by an English translation.

If you are interested in being involved with queer. in an editorial capacity, please e-mail Michael Amico, editor-in-chief, at michael.amico@dartmouth.edu.

For more information and the content of past issues, please visit our website at www.queer-journal.com.

Be a part of an internationally informed dialogue on queer issues for young people.