Maya Angelou

On Thursday evening, I sat in the UNT Colesium and listened to Dr. Maya Angelou. She spoke about Rainbow in the Clouds, and how each person shines as part of that rainbow. It was a good theme, and extremely uplifting and inspirational.

I thought her presentation was very good, and she is indeed a good story teller, mixing a history of her long life, the poetry that she has written and the people that she has met along on her life’s journey. I was suprised to learn about her youth, and through that understanding I discovered the draw that she has with a great many people. It’s not just about her words; it’s about her life.

At the close of the evening, she read a poem titled “A Bright and Startling Truth” which she dedicated to UNT (and which will appear on the UNT website at some point in the near future). I didn’t think much of it, but I’m sure when I have the opportunity to actually read it, I will think differently.

Prior to Dr. Angelou speaking there was one other speaker, and two performances.

The speaker was a gentlement that applied to UNT as a freshman in 1955, and was denied entry due to the color of his skin. He took legal action against UNT, and won; enabling him to start his undergraduate program in 1956. 2006 represents the fiftieth anniversary of the first African-American freshman being admitted to UNT – this gentlement who stood before us.

The first performance was this actress who performed a selection of readings through performance. I could barely understand any of the words she used (bad microphone placement I guess, and heavy accent). The second performance was a guy who is a theatre junior at UNT who did a selection of dances from the 1950s and 1960s. He was brilliant and extremely talented! I hope to find out his name and link to his information soon.
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Dedicated poem
A brave and startling truth

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