Highly Regarded Frisco Pride

Chris mentioned to me that while he was searching the Internets that he found a reference to Frisco Pride. This is from a January 2005 post.

It’s also been highly progressive in several respects. The city was the first in the country whose green building ordinance mandated that all houses built within its borders be Energy Star compliant, as well as instituting several other programs designed to increase recycling and reduce waste. The city has purchased seven Toyota Prius hybrids for its city fleet and is planning to replace as many gasoline-only models as possible with hybrids. The local glbt association, Frisco Pride, is heavily-involved in community affairs and is one of the most highly-regarded groups in the city. (emphasis added by me)

I’ve no clue who this guy is that blogged about it, but how cool is that 🙂

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