Can you Digg this?

I was reading today and found a couple of cool links which I thought I would share.

MySpace (News Corp). What News Corp doesn’t want you to know about MySpace: Condensed edition. An expose article that has the guys over at News Corp a little hot and bothered. [digg story]

eBible. eBible is a new search tool for the Bible (the christian text) that enables a full search of the Bible, or it can randomly select a chapter for you to read. It also has a toolbar search tool (great for Firefox). It’s a little buggy, but it could be a great resource for when you need to do some research on the Bible. [digg story]

Cool Fire Station. In the Netherlands, this fire station has been built and has a super cool look to it. I think it looks like a cross of a hothouse and a airplane hanger. [digg story]

50 Helpful Web Design Resources. Anyone designing for the web now-a-days can always use a few helpful techniques, and this page brings together fifty of them. I really liked the style resources and the blogs mentioned (which offer further insights from designers on web standards and designs).[digg story]

Samsung releases 32 and 64GB CompactFlash cards. Samsung announced today that it has developed the world’s first 40-nanometer memory device, allowing for 32 and 64GB CompactFlash cards. According to the company’s press release, the new design uses a Charge Trap Flash architecture, which “reduces inter-cell noise levels. [digg story]

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