Gay relationships aren’t just about bonking!

I found this interesting article in a “The Australian” opinion piece the other day. It discusses the efforts of a Liberal Party (read, conservative party) MP, Mr. Warren Entsch to introduce a private member’s bill that will provide legal equality to same-sex couples.

What grabbed my attention in this article was the introduction,

AMAZINGLY enough, a politically conservative, rabidly heterosexual former crocodile trapper has managed to get a grip on something most other straight Australians cannot: gay and lesbian relationships aren’t just about the bonking. (emphasis added)

Pretty cool, huh? As an FYI, bonking is sex.

The article goes on to say that Entsch recently stated on a national radio interview that the he has to “focus the gay rights debate on inequity rather than sexuality.” He has sent a letter to all Coalition MP’s (the Coalition comprises of the Liberal Party and the National Party, another conservative political party), which included a summary of the areas of federal legislation that his bill would amend to correct the inequity he is speaking out against.

Sadly, the christian fundies are at it over Entsch’s support of providing a fair and equitable Australia. According to opinion piece, “Entsch has received a number of letters and emails mentioning the Bible and faeces.” Ah, good to see christian values are alive and well down under.