Can I go to the GSA?

I was just reading about a planned multi-state campaign led by the Family Policy Network “to allow parents to give permission before public school children can take part in non-academic clubs which promote homosexual activity.”

In the article, one of the FPN’s spokesmen states, “Basically the legislation will seek to require public schools to notify parents of a Gay-Straight Alliance club and require them to sign a permission slip to allow their children to participate.” The spokesman then goes on to suggest that he expects this to cause club participation to decrease.

Just to put this into perspective, the FPN establishes itself on a set of principles that are titled, “FPN Principles for Opposition to Homosexuality.”

Now while I don’t agree that high school students should need their parent’s permission to join clubs, I do think that if such a policy is in place, that it apply to all groups within the school system, not just one particular one.

Don’t forget to visit the GLSEN site to actually find out what kind of good work GSA’s actually do.