Trashy Love

Earlier today, like much earlier, I was out and about with a few other people cleaning up trash around the City (as part of the Keep Frisco Beautiful campaign). It would have been nicer to see more supporters actually helping, and at one point I was thinking there were as many organizers as there were volunteers. Still, after our city’s mayor said a few words (to the press), and then said a few more words (to more press), he actually said a few more words (to us) and set us free to go grab some trash. (I make this general observation about the length of time it took to set us on our way, as I am not a morning person, and I’d been there for an hour already.)

Anyway, I worked with a couple of other members of Frisco Pride, and collected a good amount of trash. At first we thought the area that we were assigned was too small (for the amount of time — we were wrong). Sadly, most was related to building materials (like plastic wrap, etc.), and got me thinking that I hope the city actually gets a clean up bond or payment from any builder (chances are this is not the case). After an hour and a bit of cleaning up, we finished, and I came home to wash the morning off me.

When I got home, I found this on the answering service (we have Vonage, so it emails any messages left as WAV files *snicker*):


That was Chris (who is in Florida for the weekend). Isn’t that sweet? He might be a litle off key, but I loved it 🙂 Of course, the safe thing about Chris being in Florida is I can post this just to prove how sweet he can be 🙂

(Side note: the little WordPress audio tool/plugin can be found here.)

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