O, Superman

On June 30, our fearless crew headed to Superman Returns to find Brandon Routh flesh. Our intrepid reporters were disappointed with the brief moment where we got to see, but we took that moment and remembered it fondly … well until the next piece of flesh came our way. The movie itself was great (to me). I don’t have as strong a recollection of the earlier movies (a la Christopher Reeve) as some of my friends, and I think (in hindsight) that this may not have shrouded my view as much as others. I really liked the story line, and especially enjoyed the background that was presented earlier in the film. I loved the way Superman flew – a small thing, but to me probably one of the most noticeable differences to the earlier movies. Story line was good, although a little bit predictable – it was Superman afterall.

On a side night, I just finished watching a show on Lifetime Original called Lovespring International, starring Jack Plotnick. Think a-s-t-r-o-p-h-y-s-i-c-i-s-t! (Update: Eric McCormack is an Executive Producer on this show.)

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