Movie Mode

Today, I decided to play catch up with movies. We’ve had three movies from Netflix for over a month, and I decided that I need to watch at least a couple of them. I’ve already blogged about the first one I saw, The God Who Wasn’t There. The other two movies were The Fluffer and Ben and Arthur.

Of the two movies, I watched The Fluffer all the way through. This is not to say that it was a good film, but it was bearable. I guess I lived in hope of seeing some porn, but it didn’t happen. There is a good scene where Ron Jeremy and Chi Chi La Rue are making cameo performances. It really isn’t anything more than just a party in the middle of the movie. It was probably the most interesting part.

I didn’t make it through Ben and Arthur. When the film stars the writer, producer and director (all the same person), you can kind of see that it’s going to be low budget. The number of times that you could see the actors actually “start” acting was kind of funny (you know when the director says “action” and they start). What is really interesting is looking at the movies that many of the actors have appeared in. Many of the same names keep on appearing. One thing that is consistent is the ranking these movies get – nothing more than two stars (I exaggerate … barely) 🙂

There is a silver lining – I have three new movies on the way 🙂