Minor Upset

Last week, I decided to reschedule one of my classes that I had dropped earlier this summer. Guess what? The class is full, and they don’t offer it in Spring. So now, I’m reviewing every class that is being held at 11am or 3:30 pm on a Tuesday and/or Thursday – as this is the only time that “fits” with my schedule. What is really crappy about this, is that up until recently I had the perfect schedule that would have enabled me to graduate in December. So now I’m looking at taking a History Class and looking for an English class. Let’s hope I can actually register for them.

Update: Well I finally figured it out. No minor, but classes that I might actually enjoy. Just waiting on feedback on one of the other classes that I am looking to drop (just to see if it will be available next semester).

One Comment

  1. James, thanks for your comment on my site. Beth has always been exceeding modest about bathroom functions, but she no longer makes me leave the room for Number One. Number Two is a different story, though, and she signals that by telling me it’s time to go upstairs to check my email. Beth is otherwise uninhibited. This morning I watched a YouTube video satire about making Pussyquat the official fruit of New Hampshire. I told Beth and our daughter Susan about it, and they’ve been laughing all day. Beth told me this afternoon that she and Susan have decided we’re serving Pussyquat at Susan’s wedding. Here’s the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rFDEBv_mGo&search=pussyquat

    I think it’s hilarious. I hope you enjoy it.