Is MySpace really my space?

Monday while driving from Denton, I heard this commentary from this girl who, according to the NPR site:

is a high school student with an online journal. Her mother reads the journal — but Bly thinks she shouldn’t.

The piece covers a little about the phenomena of MySpace, and how parents are connecting online to this network to keep an eye on their kids (in particular, this girl’s mother).

As I was listening to this, I decided to jot myself a note (which I’ve just found) and blog about this. One, I applaud parents for getting involved with their child’s online activities; it’s what parents should do. Secondly, as you listen to this piece you realize the potential for parent’s to understand their children more by reading their online journals. And, C. (This is directed at the “youngings”) If you don’t want your parents to read your journal, don’t post them online for the world to see.

As my very wise friend Ian commented, it’s the equivalent of writing a journal, and then pasting the pages on your front door (his words were more descriptive, but it was the best a mind could do after consuming a number of glasses of wine).

Side note: I hadn’t heard that MySpace had overtaken Google and Yahoo as the most visited site (which apparently happened a week or so ago).