CCGLA Lawsuit Information

UPDATE (6/30/2006): This complaint has been withdrawn.

Following is information about the lawsuit that was filed on November 21, 2005 against the Board of Directors of CCGLA.

Following are the exhibits referenced in the lawsuit.

  • Exhibit A: CCGLA Articles of Incorporation
  • Exhibit B: CCGLA Bylaws
  • Exhibit C: Texas Secretary of State Registered Agent Search
  • Exhibit D: Timeline outlining exchange of emails in relation to actions taken by written consent
  • Exhibit E: Special Notice of Meeting called for November 20, 2005
    (Email with Special Meeting Notice)
  • Exhibit F: Email from Plaintiff requesting information on charges
  • Exhibit G: Dismisal Items provided by CCGLA Board at Special Meeting
  • Exhibit H: Notice of special meeting to expel Plaintiff from organization
  • Exhibit I: Letter requesting examination of membership records, hand delivered on November 20, 2005
    (A response has been received to this request from CCGLA Treasurer, Blue Martinez.)