CCGLA Amends Bylaws; Members Disenfranchised?

It appears that at the April 23, 2006 meeting of the CCGLA Board of Directors, an amendment was made to section 2.03(g) of the organization’s bylaws. This section now reads,

To be a candidate for Director or officer you must be a registered voter

Previously, the bylaw read,

To be a candidate for Director or officer

Given this change, the Board appears to have introduced a further membership level, and has disenfranchised many of its members who are not able to obtain voter registration, not to mention members who have deliberately chosen not to register to vote (a right people have in this country).

For an organization that advocates equality and “fights” discrimination, it seems to be doing a very good job of achieveing neither of these with this change.

Members of CCGLA need to ask their board why this change was made, and how they plan to address the inequity that this change has created within the organization.