CCGLA Files Against CEF

After conducting a search yesterday (April 21) to find out if there has been any change in my Justice Court case status, I noticed that the Collin Equality Foundation, myself, and my partner Chris, had been named in another lawsuit filed by CCGLA. (The case number is 401-00994-06.)

According to the Collin County site, the suit was filed on March 31, 2006. To date, the Foundation, myself or Chris have been served with papers to outline what this case is about. (You can click on the small image below to see a larger image of the case details.)

Case Details of District Court Suit


Of interest, is CCGLA’s decision to file this in District Court, which costs a great deal more money than other court options (i.e. Justice Court). Given that both Chris and I have been named, we are looking to engage legal counsel to address the issues we expect will be covered in this lawsuit, along with other issues that have been of concern since CCGLA formed back in 2003.

More details soon.