UNT Feedback – Day One

It's my first day of classes full-time at UNT.  Yay!  Yay, for two reasons.  First, they have Internet (who would have thought that a university would have access to these Internets).  Second, classes have not been totally disgusting (I still have one to go in just under three hours).  I think I'm going to enjoy this (check back in May to see if I'm still thinking this way), and hope that I'll do well in all of the classes that I have so far been too.

Oh, I just received an email to say that my I-20 (the thing that keeps me legal in this country) has been finalized and now waiting for pick up, so I'll wander down to that office to collect that shortly.  I'm hoping that they have extended it long enough for me to do my masters program, but I'm guessing that it will be till August this year.  We'll see.

I had a good lunch with Layton, and caught up on life in the str8 UNT man's world (I'm fast beginning to realize that it's not much different to the gay UNT's man world).  He was kind enough to expose me to the world of the University Union and the cafe … bonus!  I think I'll start to bring my lunch with me to school, so I need to remember to buy some brown paper bags on the way home (or maybe I'll just stop off at a friends to collect some of theirs [reference to alcohol and brown paper bags]).

Random thought: I'm sitting in Wooten Hall near the stairwell, and discovered a major hottie walking the stairs.  While it may be -25F outside (at least with the wind), he was wearing just a t-shirt, and had oh-so-nice arms.

Random thought No. 2: And then there are som enot so cute things.  I guess it's that ying and yang thing.