Not quite the first post you expect

Don't you hate it when you have an amazing two-and-a-half hour nap and then can't sleep when you are meant to.

Chris and I just finished watching “Relax … it's just sex” and I really enjoyed it.  Here is the blurb from Netflix:

Tara Ricotto (Jennifer Tilly) has a diverse group of friends — gay, straight, bisexual — and they're all working on coming to terms with each other and their issues. Love, sex, health and childbirth are the topics the group discusses lightheartedly, until one gay couple is attacked. Responses to the attack vary within the circle of friends as the comedy gives way to seriousness and Tara does her best to nurture all.

Chris mentioned that this was probably the best film he has seen Jennifer Tilly in, and to be honest I thought I recognized her, but in reviewing her filmography, I seem to be mistaken. Still, I thought the movie was good, and she played a great character.  The two gay Christian boys in the movie were very cute, though it seems there acting careers didn't go anywhere (hmm… perhaps I should check out the porn version of IMDB).  Their first scene where they are discussing cooking, IS the only way to talk all things culinary.