CCGLA Responds to Complaint

Today, I collected the response to my complaint filed by CCGLA.

In the document, filed with Collin County Justice Court on December 12, 2005, CCGLA denies all the claims in my complaint, and provides reasons to justify this statement.

In the response, CCGLA makes reference to a withdrawal of “‘written consent’ at a November 20, 2005 meeting which had no impact on the outcome of the Collin Equality Foundation special meeting.” The written consent that is being referred to, is my notice not to waive notice for the purpose of the meeting being called, and the outcome was never meant to impact the outcome of the CEF meeting, as it was relating to my position as a director on CCGLA, and my attendance at that meeting.

It seems that the matter will now be settled before the Justice Court as late as May.