Well it will come as no suprise to many of you, that the CCGLA Board of Directors expelled me as a member of CCGLA on December 1, 2005. I will admit that I’m a little suprised by the reason they cited in their reason for this action, especially given the letter that I wrote seeking to postpone the meeting, and failing that, to respond to the accusations made in their initial notice of November 20.

In the letter received today, it states “Additionally, James Nunn’s failure to attend the special meeting, results in automatic termination of membership.”

Oddly enough, the reason I wrote my letter to the board – which was delivered to board member’s email accounts at 4:40 PM, as well as faxed to Morris Garcia at 5:30 PM, was to provide my reason for my not being able to attend the board meeting, and to provide some form of response to the board’s charges against me. To ensure that the letter was received and considered by the board, I spoke with Mike Agan (CCGLA’s Vice President) at 6:01 PM on December 1, explained that I would not be in attendance at the meeting, and asked that he take the letter with him to the meeting. Mike understood that I was not going to be in attendance, and agreed to take the letter with him to the meeting. (Note, that I first called another board member to see if they would take this letter with them, however they were unaware of the meeting taking place, so was not attending.)

Again, just so anyone reading this understands, CCGLA Bylaw 2.06 states:

Section 2.06. Termination of Membership. The Board of Directors may, acting through a committee appointed by the Board, expel a member for cause after an appropriate hearing. The member in question shall be given at least a ten- (10) day notice of the hearing. If the member fails to attend the hearing without prior notice and good reason, his/her membership shall automatically be terminated. (emphasis added)

The bylaw is quite clear that membership is terminated automatically only if prior notice is not received with good reason. The fact is, written notice was provided prior to the meeting. This excuse to terminate my membership for not being in attendance was just convenient for those on the board that have led this campaign to remove me from the board and the organization.

UPDATE: I’ve sent my reply to the CCGLA Board in response to the letter received.