Brokeback Mountain

Well over the weekend, Ian, Bobby, Chris, Layton, Jonas, Douglas and myself went to see Brokeback Mountain (the movie).  I'll join with most others who have seen this movie, and say “brilliant!”  I found it to be an extremely touching love story, and I thought that Ledger and Gyllenhaal did a remarkable job of playing the leads.  While I know that some live in the hope that one or both may actually be gay (in real life), I think their life as straight men were able to contribute a great deal to both characters.  This is not to say that gay men couldn't “pull this off” but there was a rawness to the movie that I'm not convinced could be acted.

Which brings me to parts of the film that could have been left on the cutting room floor.  First, the “sex scene” where Ledger and Gyllenhaal “do it.”  Urgh, is all I have to say.  I want to believe that the scene was caught up in the “animalistic” moment, but I saw no benefit to this being left in the movie.  Second, close up scenes of Ledger during the movie suggested that he had way to much make up on.  Of course, if this is all that I can find wrong with the movie, you know it was awesome!

Speaking of awesome, don't forget to download the Soundtrack (click on Buy Download).  iTunes has the entire album available for $9.99 – for 17 songs, including the one by Willie Nelson (He was a Friend of Mine).