Words can mean so much…

I've just seen Rent 2005 (the movie) … can you tell? 

Absolutely brilliant, and teh concerns that I had about how the directors would transition this from the stage to the big screen were completely unfounded.  I saw RENT at the Nederlander Theater in New York in 1997, about a year after it opened.  It was powerful then (probably more so), and it still a powerful film today.

I found this in the RENT Soundtrack.  It is so true in so many ways.  These past few weeks and months, I've realized that our community will never be one again, like the late-80's, early-90's. That time is forever lost.

Jonathan Larson (February 4, 1960 – January 25, 1996)
We each live in a number of overlapping communities: a community of family, a community of friends, still another of neighbors…the people in our school, our city or town, our country, and – ultimately – the community of mankind. Jonathan was passionate about living life, creating music, and making a difference in each of the communities in which he lived – particularly Broadway and musical theater.He chose the title RENT because it means both what we pay to a landlord and a split in a fabric or group. This show is his way of using words and music and humor to help repair the rifts he saw in the communities we all share.

For a HIV-negative, heterosexual, he wrote some pretty amazing stuff!