Media Statement about CCGLA Law Suit

For Immediate Release
November 21, 2005

Earlier today, I filed a law suit against the Board of Directors of the Collin County Gay and Lesbian Alliance for failing to adhere to the rules of the organization, for unjustifiable actions taken to remove myself as a director of the board, and for pending action to expel me as a member of the organization. This law suit is in direct response to the actions that were taken by the CCGLA Board of Directors at a special meeting held on November 20, 2005. The suit does not seek punitive damages, only to correct the injustice that has occurred.

Let me state, that I have done nothing illegal, nor done anything that violates the CCGLA Articles or Bylaws that would warrant the actions that have been taken against me.

I am deeply saddened that individuals on the CCGLA Board have decided to pursue this action that has precipitated my law suit. I have attempted to resolve the issues that would have prevented this action from occurring, however, it appears that a number of directors had already decided that the outcome of the special meeting would be no different. This type of kangaroo court is not how I envisioned the organization to react to differences of opinion, and nor is it in the spirit of how CCGLA began in 2003. It is both troubling and disappointing.

As one of the founding board members of CCGLA, I was a strong proponent that this new organization had the values that advocated equality, dignity and respect. For our organization to work, we recognized that we should always value the diversity of our community, and that this was not just about gender, class, or sexuality, but also about diversity of opinion. It saddens me that a majority of members of the CCGLA Board no longer value contributions that entail this diversity.

I have filed my law suit as I truly believe that an organization like CCGLA needs to not only survive, but develop itself as a stronger, and more relevant, voice for our community. This can only be achieved if a board is in place that shares the values that are portrayed in CCGLA’s mission and goals. Through my lawsuit, I hope to take one step closer to making that a reality for our community.

More information about this lawsuit can be found at, which is a site that has been developed to share information with members of CCGLA and the community. A copy of law suit will be made available on the site once notice has been received that the suit has been served.

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