Dismissal Claims

When I arrived at the special board meeting this morning, I was presented with the following claims to support the actions of some board members.

Board of Directors
Special Meeting
November 19, 2005

In accordance with section 4.05 of the Collin County Gay & Lesbian Alliance Bylaws, notice is hereby given that the Collin County Gay & Lesbian Alliance Board of Directors will hold a special meeting for the sole purpose of addressing the agenda items listed below, on November 20, 2005 at 6000 Custer Road, Building 9, Plano, TX 75093, commencing at 11:30 AM.


1. Pursuant to CCGLA Directors obligations and fiduciary responsibilities to the corporation, CCGLA will authorize the officers of CCGLA all monies necessary to pursue legal advise and pursue all legal actions to remedy and rectify Collin Equality Foundation board of trustees’ violations of Texas Non Profit Corporation Act (Art. 1396-2.28). The illegal and unauthorized amendments to the CEF bylaws on Wednesday, November 16, 2005 at a CEF special meeting commencing at 7:30 PM, 11436 Eaglebend Lane, Frisco, TX. As a result of the CEF Board of Trustees actions to remove and deny the CCGLA Board of Directors rights under the CEF bylaws sections 2.0 and for the CEF Board of Trustees illegal changes to CEF bylaw Section 8.1 which prohibits changes to CEF bylaw Section 8.1 and prohibits changes to CEF bylaw Section 2.0.

Additionally CCGLA will contact the Texas Secretary of State and the IRS to pursue any additional actions required as a result of the CEF board of trustees actions.

2. In accordance with section 4.09 of the CCGLA Bylaws, commence proceedings to remove James Nunn as director of CCGLA, with cause.

a. Failure to uphold the interests of the organization, as director, within the full meaning of the laws that govern the Collin County Gay and Lesbian Alliance.

b. Failure to perform duties, obligations, and fiduciary responsibilities to the corporation, by initiating and allowing unauthorized and illegal amendments and changes to the CEF bylaws which effectively causes, a loss of a CCGLA financial investment, and a loss to the CCGLA membership as the charitable arm of CCGLA.

c. For actions taken to dismantle CCGLA organizational structure by amending and violating the CEF Bylaws 8.1, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.7, and 2.15.

d. Poor conduct and judgment as a CCGLA board member, in contacting No Nonsense In November representatives to speak at the Main Event without regard or notification to the CCGLA Board of Directors. Further, the emails sent to CCGLA President regarding this matter and blind copying other organizations and recipients.

3. Notify the CCGLA membership, regarding CEF bylaw non-compliance and CCGLA actions to pursue any and all legal remedies to bring CEF back into compliance.

4. Exercise CCGLA Corporations rights under CCGLA bylaws Section 2.06 to appoint a committee to terminate and remove James Nunn from the CCGLA membership.

5. Convene into Executive Session (if necessary)

6. Action arising as a result of the Executive Session

7. Adjournment

Once the meeting had been called to order, I announced my opposition to the meeting being called, and Mike Agan asked that we move into Executive Session.

It was extremely clear that no amount of discussion would prevent those members in attendance from moving forward with my removal from the board. Attempts had been made to find a solution to prevent this from getting to this point, however these were not considered an option by the CCGLA president.