Weekend Recap

It has been a busy couple of weeks, what is up with that?

Friday, I actually went to statistics. I know … a shock to us all. I actually like the class, and seem to understand it more that I ever expected … it's just too easy to miss sometimes. Anyway, I went to class and then ran off to meet up with Ian for lunch at Camille's Sidewalk Cafe. I tried their new Jasmine Rice salad, and have to say I missed my Napa Valley Chicken Panini. Lesson learned.

After lunch I ventured over to IKEA to check out the sheet set they had advertised for this weekend (400 thread count set for $40). Needless to say, when I got there, not a single King set could be found, EVEN in the color I wanted. I wanted around some, and bumped into Brian, and we meandered through the store for an hour or so. Brian ended up getting this fantastic bookshelf at a reduced price. Not sure what was wrong with it, but it looked great! I got some curtain/blinds for my office doors, but really wasn't in the mood to shop (I guess I was bummed out about the sheets). I stopped at CompUSA on my way home, and grabbed a power supply (my UPS had died a few weeks ago). Now I have to turn my computer off long enough to install the damn thing 🙂

Later that evening, Brian, Ian, Chris and I went to dinner at Campisi's, and then flew over to watch Wallace & Gromit (Ian headed home to rest for his journey to Austin the following day). We got there during the short film featuring the Penguins (from Madagascar), and settled into the almost empty theatre. Clearly a lot of people don't know about Wallace and Gromit, a very sad state of affairs. The movie itself was a lot of fun, and very enjoyable. I am fasctinated that clay-mation is still a method for making movies, and it was really interesting to see the thumb/finger-prints of the model makers on the faces of the characters. Just in case you don't know how this is done, a clay figure is used to make the film, and the model is manipulated at least 25 times for ONE SECOND of the film. Amazing! It took five years for the movie to be made.

Saturday was a chill day. After a late morning rise, I watched the remaining episodes of Tales of A City (More Tales, and Further Tales) that I had received from NetFlix. Pretty slack, but after the week I'd just had, something that I wanted to do. It was nice, as the day started off pretty cloudy/gloomy, and one of my favorite things to do when the day is like that is do just what I did. Saturday night, Ian popped over for din din and to watch a movie, and share a margarita. (Note: Bobby had gone to Austin on Friday for a gaming weekend, hence his absence.) We watched “Just a Question of Love“, a cute French film where “Laurent, a 23-year-old agricultural student, meets Cédric, a young researcher, and they fall in love. But Laurent thinks he can stay closeted and keep misleading his mom about his sexuality. Cédric sets out to change all that.” A good film!

Sunday was the busiest day of the weekend – I know, it couldn't be too difficult to achieve that status. I had a friend of mine, Steven, from Australia visiting the United States, and he and his partner (Clinton) were spending a day in Dallas before they headed back to Australia (they had spent time in San Antonio [conference] and Mexico) the week before. Anyway, Chris and I went to collect them at their hotel, and head out to lunch. It appears that Clinton did not have a happy stomach, and was going to pass on the lunch option, so we headed over to Breadwinners, where we found a wait of almost an hour, so rather than spend time sitting on McKinney, we headed over to the gay area and ended up eating at Black Eyed Pea. As it turns out, this was a great treat, as Steven got to experience a Chicken-Fried Steak. After that, we headed back to check on Clinton and then ventured over to Fry's Electronics. Steve was impressed … hell, I'm always impressed whenever I go in there. Chris stocked up on some horror movies (it's October remember), and Steve bought a couple of little, packable things. After that, we grabbed Clinton some medications, and then dragged them both up to Frisco for dinner. It was really pleasant to chat with someone from home (even if he was from Queensland).

Last night, I developed a pain in my right chest (over my pectoral muscle). It's quite annoying, as it makes sleeping difficult, but apart from breathing (deep breathing), it's not too terrible. This morning I still had it, and initially thought that it might have been the beginnings of the crud that Chris had just gotten over (it started with body aches). Most of today, it stayed put, so I'm guessing it's either muscular or not. If it is still around tomorrow, I'll get it checked out.

Iskipped class tonight, as I was not feeling comfortable with driving to Denton with this pain. I'm sure the professor will be all upset, but I prefer to be close to Chris should something happen. Fingers crossed that it's just a day thing.