West Wing Returns

You could hear a pin drop in our house last night, as the PVR kept the still image of what was to be the first scene of the most current series of The West Wing. I really liked the opening scene – three years later. It gave you an insight into where people had gone, without giving away anything about what was to happen. Some are speculating that Santos wins (the dark hair, the spritely movement from the blurred limosine), but I think they left it vague enough to really keep it going for the duration of the series. I hope they don't, but it's an option.

As for the actual show. The focus of the leak is heating up, and I think the writers are trying to lead us to believe it's CJ. I think it's Toby, just a feeling I have. The campaign scenes for Santos was kind of blah. The cute boy who is working with Josh is kind of nice to see and the scene with Donna (seeking a job with the campaign) was kind of sad, but it had to happen. The question that has been asked is what happens to Donna? I know she is a Democrat, but I wonder if she is centrist enough to go over to the Vinick campaign team. If TWW does what they normally do, they will do a Vinick special next time.

The scene with Leo and Santos at the end, is the first time that I actually got the notion of a Santos/McGarry ticket. It makes sense given the conversation that they had about the timeframe for implementing programs, but that was the first time.