Remembering the Love of NOLA

I was thinking about New Orleans today. I guess it's been on my mind for the last few days. I watch the news (mainly CNN) and see something, and then I'm batting my eyelids fighting tears.  I guess New Orleans (or nawlins) has a special place in my heart, like Key West.  It's where I first met Chris. I remember still getting off the plane at Louis Armstrong International Airport, and walking out of the gate are to see this guy smiling like a fool.  I still remember how he told me he had planned to sit under the big “men” sign (it was for the restrooms) in the shoe-shine chair. I remember getting to know him … all in New Orleans. I remember falling in love with him, and the realization that I had fallen out of love with someone else.

CM-JNI remember having this photo taken at Pat O'Briens, and thinking to myself how I wanted his head to stay on my shoulder for the longest time. I also recall the uncertainty that my future was likely to witness because of what was happening. As I read about the uncertainty in peoples lives today – whether they will have a home to return to in NOLA, if they will survive where they are right now, will they ever return or would it be just too heart breaking – I realize that I had nothing to worry about in comparison to what is happening today. My life is pretty damn wonderful, and it wouldn't be like that if it weren't for the guy who makes it possible.

I think I'm getting all pre-menopausal, or maybe I'm just tired…