Remembering Dianne

The following was sent over to be read during the memorial service being held for Dianne in Australia on August 3, 2005.

Dianne was the kind of person who you met, and your life improved. She changed lives for the better, and I will always remember how warmly she welcomed me into her life when I first met Dianne in 1987. I will forever thank Daniel for introducing her into my life.

Only a handful of you may know that Dianne was the creator of Ms. Kitty Litter, my alter-ego for my 30th birthday bash. She took on this challenge with an energy, and passion, that I thought she was more excited about bringing Kitty to life. This is how I remember Dianne, grabbing what opportunities came her way, embracing life, and making the most of it.

As anyone who knew Dianne grew to understand, life was not designed to be dull. Some of the more memorable moments I remember include:

  • her and Jenny “DJ’ing” at Daniel and my 10th anniversary party, and the subsequent hangover we shared the next night;
  • the vast numbers of Yum Chas enjoyed on a Sunday, with our friends;
  • the many mannequin moments on Chapel Street (or anywhere with an unprotected window); and
  • the thought of Dianne throwing her underwear on stage to Tom Jones (though she claimed never to have actually done this).

I valued Dianne’s friendship, and I will regret not having the opportunity to visit with her after she became ill. We emailed each other, and shared numerous pictures of our boys (her Jack; my Bosley & Colby), and promised to see each other soon. Sadly, I’ll not be able to keep that promise, but I shall remember her, and will raise my glass in celebration of her life, and the impact that she made on each and everyone one of us.

Ron and Joan, thank you both for giving this world a remarkable woman, and an extraordinary friend. Dianne’s love and friendship touched us all, and she will always be in our hearts.

James & Chris (and our “boys”, Bosley & Colby)
Frisco, Texas