Paying for good intentions

Sunday, after doing things around the house and making blueberry waffles, Chris and I took off to the Allen Outlet Shops to make some purchases (Chris needed some new shirts for work).  I was suprised at how busy it wasn't.  Given the activity at the mall (that is, they are constructing more shops, and closed off a good part of the parking), we were able to semi-easily find a parking spot and get on with our activity.  We strolled through most of the “big name” stores, and found a cute shirt for me, and some shirts for Chris.  I was suprised that the little we carried had actually taken us nearly two hours.  Who knew…

We had agreed prior to heading out that we would take our boys to the park when we got back, and I was happy to see that Layton had agreed to join us for this part of our day.  We piled into the “bu-bu” and headed off to the park to find a soggy ground, and lots of rehydrated dog poop … the price you pay to bring minutes of happiness to your dogs.  We did a quick stroll around the park, which in dog distance is a lot (Bosley in particular keeps going back and forward, and this way and that).  Both were pretty exhausted by the time we got back to the car and headed home.

Dinner was pork ribs (without the bone) and sausage, accompanied with some amazing twice baked potatoes and zuchinni that Brian had made.  Ian and Bobby joined Chris, Layton, Brian and I for dinner, and we chatted and enjoyed some new wine that I had acquired earlier in the day. The previous night, while at Cru Bar, Ian and I had ordered the same flight of wines, and both agreed that the chenin blanc was suprisingly good.  While at our new Kroger store, I found some Texas chenin blanc, and was equally suprised at how good that was.   I think I have a new favorite “style” of wine.

 I keep reminding myself how very fortunate I am to have such good friends, who hold such diverse opinions from each other.  We can chat about most anything, and while we may not always agree, we respect each other for sharing their views.