Prisoner needed to end

Today was one of those days where you are glad you had, but cringe when you think of everything else you could have been doing. I spent a large part of today watching the last two DVD's of Prisoner: Cell Block H.

I'd previously viewed the first DVD (each DVD features four episodes). Today's viewing included:

The Terrorist Siege (Episodes 536, 550, 551 & 552)
A commando squad take the women hostage and ruthlessly murder one of Wentworth's most popular inmates. Also included is a bonus 'flashbacks' episode featuring clips from early years of the series.

The End
The famous Episode 600 & 601 riot, and the series dramatic conclusion 691 & 692 – four of the best episodes in the series history.

Sadly, after watching episodes that I have never seen previously (I had stopped watching Prisoner after moving to the city), I didn't realize how it had deteriorated. The terrorist episodes went on too long, however the last two episodes were actually quite good (I even shed a tear).