NOLA Update Deux

Friday morning I was nice. I had to let it happen at least once on this trip, so I figured I would shower Chris and Layton with a room-service style breakfast. Actually it was Dolores's idea (unknowingly), as she asked me if I wanted to take something back to the room with me, and promptly handed me a tray. So I took them both brekky in bed.

A couple of our group were slow in getting organized, so Layton, Bobby and I ventured off for a wander around the city, and did an advance mission to the Aquarium, walking along the river front. There is a really great monument along this area as a memorial to the Holocaust. From the site:

The New Orleans Holocaust Memorial Sculpture is an artistic visual prayer in memory of the Six Million Jews of Europe and those millions of other victims who were tortured and murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators from 1933-1945. The sculpture is composed of nine panels, each with different designs. As you view the scupture from different angles, the designs on the panels meld to form distinct images. Ten images come into view as you walk around the panels

After checking that out, we caught up with Ian, Bobby and Brian for lunch at Coops Place (the second referral from our hotel staff). Another hit with the group.

After a brief rest, we ventured back to Pat O'Briens for 3-4 more drinks from the menu, and then began our night of “it's James turn to get smashed.” We ventured over to Decatur Street for the third recommended place for food, Fiorelli's – a creole style fish house (no link found for this restaurant). While the prices were good, the staff friendly, the food was not as good as we have experienced so far, but worth the experience.

We then strolled over the Good Friends, and it was a real surprise to see the barmen light up when he saw Layton, Chris and Ian (did I mention that they were left at this bar Thursday night and spent some time drinking). Apparantly Layton had a new drink that the bartender had provided and I tried and I liked. Not sure of the name of it, but it was good – although I was later told it was different as this was made with rum and something, instead of midori. Anyway, I got a little drunk and found myself needing to go lay down around a little after midnight. Ian and Chris were kind enough to escort me back to the hotel, where they apparantly had the need to rest as well.