NOLA Update 1

I have resisted the temptation to read about what others (Bobby, Ian, Layton, and Chris) have said about our trip to New Orleans until I write these updates.

I was tempted to blog while away, but apart from my “lookey here” post, I kept my fingers away from the keyboard (well at least in relation to blogging).

For me, it all started on Wednesday evening when we packed Bosley and Colby into the car and set off to East Texas to their grandparents house. They are great travellers, and once they get over the excitement of being in the car, they settle down and conserve their energy – they KNOW where they are going. Once we turn on the road leading to the house, Bosley normally gets all vocal and starts moving around the car as if to tell us that we should let him out here, and he'd meet us up at the house. No doubt he would bet us there, but we torment him all the way, because that is what we can do. We dropped them off, settled them in (a rotation of inside, outside, inside, outside activities) and then headed back home (getting home around 1:45 am).

Thursday appeared, and we packed. Layton arrived and we roamed down to Chris's office to do the car exchange and head off to the airport. All went without a hitch, except we were in Group C (we were travelling Southwest), and even though we were 2nd in line in that group, we still had to sit apart on the journey (this is probably the only negative about Southwest, even though it's a positive as well). Southwest have there campaign to Set Love Free (which aims to provoke the removal of the Wright Amendment which prevents airlines flying out of Dallas Love field from flying more than one state away (about 700 miles), which is a real nusiance for air travellers).

When we left Dallas we had to avoid some bad weather, and of course, I got the commentary from the guy in the row behind us about how we shouldn't be flying this direction (i.e. north) when New Orleans was to the south of us. The ride was bumpier than I like, however we made it to New Orleans, and the heat/humidity that it had to offer. After getting a cab driver – who understood very little English, and was not able to determine where we actually wanted to go – we did manage to make to our hotel where we checked in, dumped our bags, and headed to Pat O'Briens for a small drink. We liked that pit stop. After that Bobby and Ian called to say that they had landed, and they would meet us at the hotel, so we meandered through the stench to collect them.

While waiting, I asked our hotel staff for food recommendations. I think it went something like “we want some cajun/creole style food, do you know where to get some?” It seemed an innocent question 🙂 Three places came to mind, so we took the first (and the closest) and headed to The Gumbo Shop, where we thoroughly enjoyed some fantastic food, along with sharing in the body of Christ (a reference to breaking bread, which seemed highly inappropriate given the city we were in, yet extremely appropriate for the group we were with). They even have a cookbook for those that want to try some of the recipes.

WE were still waiting on Brian to arrive, so in the meantime we wandered (or staggered) up Boubon Street to browse the activities, and then as we were heading back to the proper end, Brian called to say he had gotten in and was at the hotel. The group now being complete, we arrived at Oz. Layton got his picture taken with Blanche deBris (I think she is Jewish) who was looking every bit as trashy as her picture suggests) … talk about big hair. There is a photo, which shall be made available to highest bidder shortly.

We (or I) ended the night at Good Friends, a bar I have never been too – even though some amongst the group seem to think I had. I have to say, I really liked this bar. Very relaxed and good drinks (from what I could see being consumed). I'm not one for telling tales, but I don't recall seeing my two roomies (Chris and Layton) until about 5:15 Friday morning as they dripped into the room (they had been swimming, as you do).