KR continues…

Over at Daily Kos (in their comments section), some interesting banter happening earlier in the day. I originally saw this earlier in the day, and then close my browser, and forgot to go back. Anyway, an except has the following:

  • In 1992 George Bush Sr. fired Karl Rove for leaking information to Robert Novak in order to damage the reputation of Robert Mosbacher Sr.
  • The same day that Time magazine announces that it is going to handover the notes of columnist Matt Cooper (implicating Rove as the leaker), George Bush Jr. personally nominates Robert Mosbacher Jr. to the position of president of the Overseas Private Investment Corp.

This is news to me – the first dot point – and it is puzzling (if true) why it has not come to light before. Perhaps it's just hearsay, but thought it worth a brief publishing moment.