Happy Endings

Saw this film (“Happy Endings“) Friday night over at the Angelika. I tought Lisa Kudrow was phenomenal in this film. The multiple story lines worked so well together. I first thought the movie was about massage – that is, the happy endings that masseurs/masseusses sometimes provide to customers, and while that is part of the film, it is just one reason the movie has it's title.

Maggie Gyllenhaal was in the movie, and sang her own songs, and she has a dynamic voice. Of course the songs in the film are fab, and had me humming along (definately a soundtrack to buy). Gyllenhaal's version of Honesty was amazing, and there is a song that she “slows down” that really has some amazing words (listen when you hear it). Tom Arnold is really good in this movie, and I can't help but feel that he has only been on the improve since the whole Rosanne fiasco.

Jason Ritter and Steve Coogan are also good in the film as the major “gay boys” – each with their own issues.

Layton posted about an interview with the writer/director, Don Roos on Fresh Air last week (worth a listen).