TX Marriage Rant

The Texas Legislature is currently considering putting another amendment to the Texas Constitution on the ballot in November. This one relates to eminent domain, and is a reaction to the recent Supreme Court decision. Here is the wording:

“The constitutional amendment to prohibit the state or a political subdivision from taking private property for the primary purpose of economic development or to benefit a particular class of identifiable individuals.”

Now here is my concern. Most cities tend to use eminent domain to assist the community, specifically in the development of roads, parks and other city-wide services. ALL of these have an economic benefit towards the city, and the developer community (I'm thinking Frisco here). Is the intention to remove the right of eminent domain ENTIRELY from use by cities? The major concern is that word “or” as it implies that there is a choice. Perhaps the use of the words “primary purpose” is there as the saving term, but I can't help but get the vibe that because it is a little vague, it will get defeated. I only hope that is the case with some of the other amendments.