When is a dog park, not a dog park?

When it's a conservancy!

Chris and I took the boys for a walk (the humans) and run (the dogs) at Connemara Conservancy (in Allen or Plano). During the walk Layton called, and decided that he would join us. The boys love that place. They can run around, and with the exception of a few places where I always flinch, they pretty much have the ability to run as fast and far as they would like. Both Bosley and Colby tend to stick near each other, though I think Colby watches Bosley run, more than keep up with him. We often refer to Boz as the gazelle.

Anyway, we walked a good distance around the place, and met up with a couple of other dog families along the way. We were actually quite suprised at the low number of dog walkers out when we were there, however we were reminded of the fact that it was father's day, so that might account for the lower turnout. Either way, we had a good time.

Of course, now the boys are resting their eyes (not sleeping, of course).