Tuesday Catch Up

I have to say that today was not that exciting. Sure we had all the hoo-ha over the comments by Texas Governor Rick Perry, but apart from that, not a lot happened. I'm getting used to UPS delivering to my house. Last week, I ordered a new toy, which came with a “freebie.” Of course, they don't ship both together, so a delivery yesterday, one today, and I ordered some new software from Academic Superstore (great prices!) and tomorrow that gets delivered.

Chris and I met for din din tonight, and we ate TGIF (which is not normally on the top of our list, given the abundance of places that are available in Frisco). I have to say the Asian Chicken Salad was really good. It kind of suprised me.

I think I'm doing the early night thing tonight. I started reading Same-Sex Marriage Pro & Con, by Andrew Sullivan (and others) last night, and think I may waste some brain cells flipping some more pages.