Sunday slowness

Today was a slow day. I woke up feeling a little blah, and had a dry, sore throat. I kind of figured it was the effect of the lack of allergy pills, and the walk that we did last night. I had a couple of lay downs, though didn't get much sleep. We did go to grab some life inducing Starbucks, and then drove across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge (the world's longest cable stayed concrete span bridge). After more napping, and some pizza (a slow night), we went for a 2.5 mile walk through the neighborhood Kate and Tim live in. There are some fantastic homes in the area, and I was impressed with the relaxed environment that exists.

Watching a little television before an earlyish night, and just saw the advert for Fear Factor Live at Universal Orlando. All I can say is what the #&$*#!?

While I was over at Reality Blurred, I saw that the next season of Real World might be in Key West.

Damn! Starbucks has released a new coffee liquer (not available at Starbucks stores, but at other liquor retail outlets). Details here.

MTV is on, and the meet the cast of Real World Austin is on (it's hosted by former RW players, and we are looking at the audition tapes of each of the cast members. So far Danny is the cutest (not just physically, but in a grounded way). It starts on June 21.